Creating an ADB proxy that supports port forwarding between device(s) and remote host


By virtue of you opening this article, I assume your development somehow reaches into the world of Android (perhaps only peripherally, as was the case for me). So you are probably familiar that there is a tool called the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) that is used for communicating with an Android device over USB/TCP. It allows everything from polling logs, pushing binaries, and even port forwarding.

If you’re like me, you never thought much about how the ADB tool works — that is — until one fateful…

Simple introduction to main concurrency topics in Python

It is certainly not difficult to find resources for understanding and implementing concurrency in Python using the CPython interpreter. However, it is finding good resources that can be difficult. So I wanted to write more of a “landing page” for this topic, briefly touching on the main subtopics of concurrency in Python, while providing only authoritative resources (mostly official Python docs and excerpts from maintainers) for those that want to dig further.

The irony of solving the problem of too many resources by creating yet another resource was not entirely lost on me heh..But THIS ONE will be DIFFERENT! 😅

Primary Modules

One of the best ways to get familiar with concurrency in Python is getting your hands dirty with the primary…

(even in remote sessions!)


Like any recipe writeup nowadays I’m going to start with needless background on my workflow and why this tip is great, but if you just skip to the bottom for the solution I will forgive you. Ahem, now then…

My entire workflow is currently performed on a remote machine, like many of you in this quarantine era. I’ve tried various ways to access my remote machine like getting remote windows (RDP) or (X11 forwarding) but I was never satisfied with the latency or resolution quality. I’ve also tried solutions related to file syncing (like rsync and (sshfs) never seemed to…

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